01 Aug 2016 Interior Design Trends By Mark McDonough

A professional in understanding how the internet, talent promotion and social media can increase revenue, Mark McDonough has worked with various design professionals helping reach their goals. Owning his own interior design blog, we wanted to hear from Mark on what his top interior design trends of 2016 are. Drum roll please…

2016 Interior Design Trends by Mark McDonough

Each new season, year, and decade comes with its own defining trends in interior design. One new trend sweeping the globe this year is a focus on minimalism. Instead of overwhelming colors and patterns, trends this year are moving toward a design detox. In a world where we’re constantly connected, many people want to find some quiet and simplicity at home amongst the noise of the outside world. If you’re looking for some trendy updates to your home’s interior design this year, look no further than this list of 7 fresh ideas:

  1. Pastel Pink Rose Quartz and Powder Blue Serenity – According to Pantone, this color pairing is the design equivalent of the world’s move toward equality and fluidity. For even more trendy design with these beautiful colors, look for wallpapers combining these colors or go for an ombre gradient on your interior walls.
  1.   Warm Metals – This trend is particularly effective in bathroom and kitchen spaces, especially when combined with natural materials like marble and wood.
  1. Rough Luxe – Adding aging to materials to give them texture and depth can really add to the experience of interior design.
  1. Tailored Materiality – We’re seeing this trend appear most in workplace design. Many want their home office spaces to create an environment that influences wellness and productivity, especially with so many people now working remotely from their homes.


  1. 70s Inspired – We’re seeing this trend in the fashion industry as well, with a relaxed and free-spirited nature being reflected in clothing and homes.


  1. Tech-Less Living Rooms – While technology certainly isn’t going anywhere, some families are opting to keep family rooms unplugged for more intimate family time. Houses can look beautifully smart without being full of gadgets, and we all feel a little more relaxed when we’re temporarily disconnected from technology.
  1. Matte Finishes – Moving on from the metallic trends of 2015, matte finishes are in for 2016. The good news is, matte décor looks beautiful next to metallic objects and accessories so don’t throw out your 2015 items yet.


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    Posted at 12:46h, 10 October Reply

    It is true that houses can look beautifully smart without being full of gadgets, and people living in the house will feel a little more relaxed when we’re temporarily disconnected from technology for nowadays people can’t live without gadgets.

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