13 Apr Addicted to Architecture

Designers are constantly challenged to keep things fresh and innovative in an industry that is extremely competitive, fast paced and ever-evolving. As a result, the Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team looks to rather uncommon sources for inspiration in the hopes of sparking new design and pattern ideas. Below are four breathtaking structures that inspired Stacy Garcia patterns.



Geometrics rule the design of this building, balancing graphic elements and adding an extra touch of drama to this already captivating structure. A perfect match, we are pairing this with Stacy Garcia Commercial for Lexmark Hospitality’s carpet, Structure, a pattern inspired specifically from architectural and natural building materials.

This engineered masterpiece commands attention with its bold, over-sized diamond design work. We paired this with Stacy Garcia | New York for York Wallcoverings, Facet, a pattern that perfectly captures a striking post-modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Prepare to be dazzled by this building, as it generates shifting movement through its composition and streamlined framework. Capture this look with Stacy Garcia Commercial for Lexmark Hospitality’s carpet, Jewel.

This photograph by Tony Webster is out of this world, exploring the boundaries of experimental design. Matched with Stacy Garcia Commercial for Brintons carpet, Altered Gravity, the design draws inspiration from contemporary graphic design melded with new technologies.

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