21 Jun Our Favorite Curiosity Shop Finds

Shopping for peculiar objects, vintage or new, can be an exhilarating, yet exhausting search! You’ll never know just what you might find on your hunt for a one-of-a-kind prize. Don’t know where to start your eccentric decor quest? The Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team asked six creative rock-stars about their favorite curiosity shops & the hidden treasures they’ve found!

Simon Rawlings HeadshotSimon Rawlings – Creative Director at David Collins Studio

“On a recent trip to Upstate New York I just discovered the Outdated café, where everything is for sale! There are some amazing finds; it’s a real treasure trove of beautiful vintage pieces, all in perfect condition. I recently stocked up on the most gorgeous clear glass pestle and mortars! Not sure what I will do with them all yet, but they are very unique.”

Ashley Vizzi HeadshotAshley Vizzi – Managing Director of Commercial for York Wallcoverings

“My curiosity spot is the Paris Flea Markets. I love to wander and pop in and out of the shops- let my mind just go. I find some of the most unique and interesting pieces and inspiration. It fits my style, mixing old and new since all things vintage including clothing are my favorite.”


Frank Cassata Headshot Frank Cassata – Founder of Frank Cassta Designs & Co-founder of North See Vintage

“It is hard name one in particular since I have so many favorites around the world. Brimfield and other flea markets have been part of my yearly schedule for the last 25 years.  I always come home with so many new acquisitions and love running through the fields filled with so many treasures.

In Paris, I love the store Merci for both fashion and home trends. Roaming around the upscale fashion streets in Paris on the left bank and the Brera in Milan always bring me great joy.”

(While Brimfield and Merci may be two of Frank’s favorite curiosity shops, North See Vintage is one of ours!)

Harry Heissmann HeadshotHarry Heissman – Founder of Harry Heissmann Inc.

“When I was helping a very close friend with his house upstate, we went antiquing in Hudson. I spotted the rhino table in the window of ‘Ida’s Eye‘ on Warren Street immediately, but didn’t really plan on buying it. I loved the other items in the shop – I remember seeing various quirky and curious items, while visiting.

Always drawn to unusual pieces and objects, I love shops carrying wares that can start a room or spark a conversation.  I like shops period – nothing beats discovering, touching, feeling and most of all understanding scale and condition on the spot – plus a conversation and a contact with another human being – pretty rare these days, but so essential… My friend ended up buying the table for me and delivered it to my office some days later as a thank you. Favorite object indeed!”

Val Braverman Headshot

Val Braverman – Founder of Brave Floral

Jinxed Philadelphia, @JinxedStore. In my short stint in Philadelphia, I was lucky to have this wonderful vintage shop (two of their many locations, in fact) less than a mile from my apartment. Carefully curated, well-kept goods ranging from mid-century modern furniture to smaller items like scout patches. I have a short list of consistent items I shop—garden or flower reference books, postage stamps, metal trays and maps—but I love when I come across other surprises like the milk bottle embossed with “Schmalz Dairy, Plainfield, NJ” which happens to be my hometown in New Jersey.  It currently sits atop my kitchen counter, usually filled with a handful of fresh flowers, of course.”

Tara Mangini Headshot

Tara Mangini – Co-Founder of Jersey Ice Cream Co

Brimfield Antique Show, an outdoor antiques and collectibles show. This is where Percy and I went on our first date and it has been our favorite ever since. We have this tag from the old embossing stamp we bought in 2010 which is how we named our company. I’m so glad somebody thought to save this little tag that now feels so precious.”

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