17 Jul For the Wanderlust In You: Travel Apps You NEED!

In a world of smartphones and constant communication, we should take advantage of the assets that come along with it–APPS. There is an App for just about anything these days and they are completely accessible to you anywhere at anytime. Are you planning a trip soon? Use these popular travel apps that will make your life easier along the way!


Athens, Greece

1. Google Translate

When traveling to a foreign country, it can be intimidating to not speak the dominant language used. With 103 different languages in it’s database, Google Translate allows for quick and easy word translation that will leave you feeling bilingual. With features such as Copy & Pasting an entire conversation and Instant Camera Translation, this App gives you the support you need to communicate in a different language.

2. Mint

Keeping track of your finances is a hard task as it is, then add in travel expenses and budgets and it gets even more complicated! Mint, is an easy to use, money managing App that will gather all of your financial information in one place and keep track of your spending. Syncing with your bank account, Mint acts like your financial advisor, keeping you on track and updating you on ways you can save.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Each month we are drowning in 3G and LTE; our phone bills are out of control! WhatsApp Messenger is an App that allows you to text/call friends and family for free while using internet connection. This App is perfect for connecting with a family member studying abroad or a friend taking a vacation. WhatsApp also allows you to send picture messages, make group chats and is easy to sync to your contact list.

4. Tripit

Combine your entire itinerary into one place with Tripit. This App makes your traveling significantly easier by becoming your own personal travel agent. Share your itinerary with family and friends, sync your calendar, link your email and store your traveler profile. For $0 you can have a master agenda for every trip, it is easy as as a download!

5. Findery

Traveling to a place you’ve never been? Not sure what to include on your bucket list? The Findery App shares stories from around the world and gives details into world discoveries! Hidden secrets and local knowledge from countries around the world are shared on Finery. Discover something new on your trip? Leave a note on Findery for the next traveler.

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