19 Sep Fab Five Favs: Nature and all of its Glory by Blane Charles

Blane Charles of BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting) new picnic inspired installment of “Fab Five Favs” includes custom-built and environmentally conscious furniture designs. On September 6, 2017, over $50,000 was raised by designers, including Stacy Garcia featuring work by GM Collectionsat the annual DIFFA Picnic By Design Event to help support nonprofit organizations across the country combating HIV/AIDS.

Blane Charles BCDC

Blane Charles – Founder and President of BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting)

Nature and All of its Glory

Joining BCDC in the celebration of Nature and all of its Glory, “Fab Five Favs” features From The Source NY located in the heart of Chelsea. Their motto, “OPEN YOUR SPACE TO THE WORLD” is realized by bringing to you hand-crafted materials and designers from all over the world.

Our “Fab Five Favs” honors these designers and suppliers who use environmentally aware design and manufacturing processes to bring an exotic touch to your picnic experience. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, “Fab Five Favs” applauds From The Source for the commitment to their Mission “to bring you closer to the environment through unique designed furniture and functional objects that open your space to the world.”


These rugged and reliable chairs are made from recycled rubber tires and are a wonderful representation of Indonesia’s sustainable history. Each chair varies, as each strip of permeable rubber varies from one to the next. These chairs are ideal for outdoor use, as the rubber is perfect for withstanding the elements.


The Christy Series of benches are designed in a simple waterfall style. Constructed with dovetail joinery from solid wood with beveled front and back.


3 Teak root nesting bowls. Each piece is hand carved and unique with a Clear Lacquer Finish.


An Oiled Teak folding table that can also be used as a seat. The stainless steel hardware makes it suitable indoors and out.


The Gallant table is our modern interpretation of a classic picnic table. Made from Teak wood with a beautiful oiled finish, the Gallant is a perfect fit for any outdoor space.

About Blane Charles:
Founder + President
Blane Charles Design Consulting (BCDC)
“Why just wear a diamond, when you can be one!”

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