10 Aug Product Guide: Functional Art

At Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia, we like to keep art functional! Here are a few of our favorite functional furniture and decor pieces that add artistic statements to your style!

  1. Altered Gravity by Stacy Garcia for Brintons – Make a bold statement with your carpet through Altered Gravity by Stacy Garcia for Brintons. This abstract carpet collection, inspired by art created from Stacy Garcia, is a product straight from the art universe!
  2. Twist Modern Chair – Customization and unique design is so important to individual styles! With Twist Modern, you can change out the panels of these artistic armchairs to suit your style. With the website’s “Design Your Own” function, you can choose from different design combinations to create your own unique piece.
  3. THISLEXIK Arc Light  – The artistic style of the Arc Light lights up our world! A walnut wall-hanging conceals a generator creating energy to push electrons through  fluorescent bulbs. The wireless bulbs light up when placed into the piece near the hidden generator, turning this piece of art into a working luminary station.
  4. Coastal Shower Doors – Bathrooms get an aesthetic overhaul with these high end shower enclosures! Coastal Shower Doors teamed up with celebrity interior designer and entrepreneur Bobby Berk to create THE INSIDERS collection. The golden aluminum design adds sophisticated style to any bathroom!
  5. Gabriella Noelle Mandala Table Collaboration with Javier Gomez – Pattern and color, two of our most favorite things, find the perfect home on these Mandala Tables! Gabriela Noelle of B. Pila Design collaborated with photographer Javier Gomez, for their end tables inspired by nature and color.
  6. POLaRT Arm Chair  – Keep your furniture fun and refreshing with a splash of bright color and ornate designs! POLaRT or “polymer art” reproduces French Provençal frames using molds and polyurethane. True art with a function!
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