31 Jan Report Back: A Walk of Art

“Shoes are objects that have an almost mystical ability to instantly rivet us” Ya’ara Keydar, Curator

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem Presents
A New Fashion Exhibition:

Can a shoe be a work of art? Is a shoe that cannot be walked in still a shoe? These were the questions presented to the Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team as they gathered at Parasol Projects Gallery in Bowery, New York.  Showcasing more than 60 stunning creations designed by distinguished alumni and students of Israel’s prestigious academy –Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design – the exhibition walked a fine life between art and fashion.

Curator, Ya’ara Keydar, is an independent fashion scholar and curator, teaching the “Fashion in Museums” course at NYU SPS.  No stranger to the world of art and design, Ya’ara describes her latest exhibition, A Walk of Art, as a reflection to shoes’ modern culture viewed through both a visual and conceptual lens. She also adds that “shoes are objects that have an almost mystical ability to instantly rivet us…The Walk of ART: Visionary Shoes is an exploration of the charged history, iconic shapes and mystery that so often surrounds shoes through the lens of burgeoning Israeli designers and alumni of the Bezalel”

Continuing our conversation with Ya’ara, we learned that the conceptual, artistic, and extreme designs strategically on display in front of us were working together in an effort to defy space, anatomy, and gravity.  The artists were able to successfully incorporate sculptural methods, traditional craft, and nontraditional materials. The slideshow below illustrates the winding journey between ephemeral and the perennial, the beautiful and the painful , mythology and the reality of some of the most charged and converted objects in fashion history.

Gal Souva, Jenga, 2015, Photographer Roni Mattes, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy – Copy
Gal Souva, Jenga, 2015
Photo By – Tal Avisar© | www.facebook.com/Tal.Avisar.Photography
Nimrod Gilo, Animalistic Nature, 016
Maayan Eisner, Argumentum Ad Absurdum, 2014-2015, Photographer Omer Lipiner, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy – Copy
Maayan Eisener, Argumentum Ad Absurdum, 2014-2015
Nadin Ram, Barococo, 2015-2016, Photographer Or Zehavi, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy
Nadin Ram, Barococo, 2015-2016
Norman and Bella,Tal Arbel in cooperation with Alessandro Briganti, Cenerentola Nostra, 2016, Photographer Bar Sharir 2 – Copy
Norman and Bella, Tal Arbel in cooperation with Alessandro Briganti, Cenerentola Nostra, 2016
Or Kolker, Between Layers, 2015, Photographer Daphna Rennert, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy
Or Kolker, Between Layers, 2015
Rotem Arbel, Penetratio, 2012-2013, Photographer Talya Crudo, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy
Rotem Arbel, Penetratio, 2012-2013
Sharon Golan Baehr, Bridal Night Shoes, 2011
Tali Surit, Domina Trix, 2015, Photographer Yoav Zohar, Mentor Eliora Ginsburg – Copy
Tali Surit, Domina Trix, 2015
All Rights Reserved – Tal Avisar© www.Facebook.com/Tal.Avisar.5
Tali Surit, Heavy Weight, 2013-2014


Bezalel’s President Prof., Adi Stern, reflects on the exhibition’s ability to embody the spirit of Bezalel through its fusion of art and fashion.  Filled with pride, Stern describes the excitement that came from seeing talented students and acclaimed alumni explore the complex design evolution of women’s shoes with their art.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem Presents
CURATOR: Ya’ara Keydar 

EXHIBITION DATES: January 23, 2017 – February 13, 2017
TIMES: 11am – 7pm daily
LOCATION: Parasol Projects Gallery, 208 Bowery, New York

WEB: www.walkartexhibition.com
SOCIAL: @bezalelacademy 
HASHTAG: #walkartshoes

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