Blane Charles of BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting) presents a line of socially conscious pieces for today’s “Fab Five Favs.” With this piece BCDC keeps clients on the cutting edge and empowers them to connect with more smart and ecological products within the world of design.


When I think of Karim Rashid, I think of Spring. Leaping forward into a time of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, and a blossoming profusion of color. Time magazine has described him as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas”. We here at BCDC refer to Karim as “a breath of fresh inspiration.” From the moment I first met Karim while living in Canada co-producing the annual “WORLD BALL FOR UNITY” AIDS fundraiser in Montreal, Québec (1990-1996) I knew that we were part of a movement for Global positive change.

“WORLD BALL FOR UNITY” AIDS fundraiser in Montreal, Québec (1990-1996)

With over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and work in over 40 countries, it is with deep pride and immense honor that “FAB FIVE FAVS!” features the artistry of world renowned KARIM RASHID STUDIO. BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting) prides itself in the celebration and collaboration with socially conscious designers using their skills to contribute to and bring awareness to these critical issues. I had a moment to catch up with a man who is literally “all over the place” to get his thoughts on the importance of social and environmental consciousness as an artist.

“Recycling is in a really cyclic paradigm now. But conserving resources means using less raw materials and energy throughout a product’s entire life — from its’ development and manufacture to its use, reuse and recycling and disposal. The material can conserve more resources during the life-cycle of an object because of the integral amazing properties of plastics such as its lightweight, durability, and formability when compared to other materials.I love collaborating with clients that want to source eco-friendly materials or recycling practices into their manufacturing. And now there are organic plastics! I am obsessed with working with responsible plastics that are biodegradable, recycled, or even derived from other sources like corn, sugar, bark and acai instead of oil. The Garbo can is now made of corn and biodegradable and the Snap chair by Feek is made of 100% recycled polystyrene and is 97% air. The Siamese Chairfrom A Lot Of is made of plastic injection with Ipê Roxo. But the public does not know the difference. These polymers don’t use petroleum so they are much more sustainable for the earth. There are many biodegradable materials I am using now that are amazing. So I can create a synthetic like world, a sculptural more comfortable world, but with smarter ecological materials.”

Karim has injected his “Joie de vivre” in ever aspect of our day to day living. From simple opening a bottle of beer to the complex and cutting edge designs of residential and industrial environments. In our discussion on the decision process in regards to mediums and colors to use for the artistic expression of his contemporary designs, Karim shared “I am constantly looking at the world around me and critiquing objects, seeing how they could be redesigned. I have visited over 500 factories in my life, and know every production method possible. I research materials perpetually. Each client presents its own challenge and its own possibility. I work with the strengths of the client… the cultures of the company and design is about this collaboration.”

“I love pink and techno colors- colors that have a vibrancy and energy of our digital world. White is the way that you really see form and concept without being distracted by color or pattern, hence I try and see all my work in white firstly then I add texture and color if need be. I think people aren’t sold color so they don’t expect to buy color. 90% of people are going to buy the color on display rather than use their imagination to visualize the other options. The beauty of this farrago in life is the broad diversity and choice of everything.”

Amazed by Karim’s prolific collection of work, we at BCDC wanted to know how Karim continues to be inspired and keep his work fresh and pertinent.

“I don’t take inspiration from any one place or thing. Inspiration comes from being creative within the criteria of a project, and as well from functional needs and desires. Constant travel gives me the opportunity to be inspired by the unfamiliar so even the lost local places of industrial parks, airport hotels, alleyways in big cities, taxis in London, a gym in Hong Kong, a bathroom in Paris, a prop plane in Sweden, a cinema in Milan, a Renault in Sweden, food in Qatar, shanty towns in South Africa, anything that is new to my senses, unusual, odd, inspires me. Beauty is in everything if we want to see it.”

Here are our “FAB FIVE FAVS!”


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