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26 Dec
Flourishing Florals: An Interview with Floral Designer Olga Sahraoui

Olga Sahraoui is the founder and floral designer of SAHOLA Floral Art and Event Design. Her international design experiences contribute to her unique arrangements. Go behind the scenes as we uncover the dream behind this globally inspired floral designer....

12 Dec
Fantastic Forms: A Look into Aqua Creations with Founder Albi Serfaty

Inspired by organic objects and deep ocean life, sustainable and advanced lighting emerges from Aqua Creations. Founded over 20 years ago, these creations rebel against the minimal designs. We spoke with Founder and Creative Director, Albi Serfaty, about Aqua Creations' handcrafted lighting pieces, their...

11 Dec
Evoking Emotion, An Interview with Artist Paul Thomas

We sat down with our talented artist and friend, Paul Thomas, who enlightened us on the approach, process, and dreams of his abstract art. We fell in love with Paul's vibrant, ethereal paintings which draw from his passionate, creative background. His unique styles have been...

04 Dec
BDNY 2017 Report Back

Through an artisanal approach, vibrant aesthetic, and bold color combinations, Stacy Garcia Commercial created a lounge space inspired by wellness and crystal healing at Boutique Design New York ....

20 Nov
Color Crush: Porcini

Cultivated and cozy, Porcini is a versatile tone that makes any space feel like home. Creating a calming and approachable feel, this delicate neutral adds subtle depth to your interiors. We see the emergence of Porcini as color transitions away from cool grays and moves...

09 Nov
Retrospective Trend Series: Aura & Techni-chrome

We are proud to introduce Retrospective, an axminster carpet collection debuting at this year’s Boutique Design New York. Tracing the prolific eight year partnership of Stacy Garcia and Brintons, Retrospective revives sixteen signature patterns in today’s palette. In honor of this digital exhibit, learn...

31 Oct
BDNY 2017 Preview

Through an artisanal approach, vibrant aesthetic, and bold color combinations, Stacy Garcia Inc. is creating a lounge space inspired by Wellness and Crystal Healing at Boutique Design New York ....

24 Oct
Transform Your Space with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the perfect way to add personality to your living spaces. This way of incorporating patterns and colors into rooms is rising in popularity and for good reason. As an accent wall or on every wall in the house, the durability and appeal of...

13 Oct
Stacy’s Monthly Must Haves

This month I'm sharing with you my favorite products and places inspired by wellness! Here are a few must haves for healthy living and stress relief....

04 Oct
An Inspiring Interview with Emilie Bonaventure

The soft and serene designs of French interior
 designer, Emilie Bonaventure, are a direct result of her background as a trained art historian and curator. Using natural light as her guide, Emilie elevates a space through the unification of art, architecture, and design. She aims...

29 Sep
The Object Project: A Look Into Materials and Forms with Slash Objects

The Slash Objects Collection is a thoughtful presentation of material and form by Arielle Assouline-Lichten, international designer and principal of Brooklyn-based Slash Projects. We met Arielle this year at NY NOW and were mystified by her use of a unique industrial material made of 100%...

19 Sep
Fab Five Favs: Nature and all of its Glory by Blane Charles

Blane Charles of BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting) new picnic inspired installment of "Fab Five Favs" includes custom-built and environmentally conscious furniture designs. On September 6, 2017, over $50,000 was raised by designers, including Stacy Garcia featuring work by GM Collections, at the annual DIFFA...