14 Jul 3,650 days at Stacy Garcia with Amy Nercessian

Amy Nercessian – Creative Director, Stacy Garcia, Inc.

There is one person here at Stacy Garcia, Inc. who knows more about the company than anyone on Earth besides Stacy Garcia herself. That person is Amy Nercessian, Creative Director at Stacy Garcia, Inc who just recently passed her 10 year anniversary working with the company. We dived into Amy’s story and learned a little bit more about what it is like to be the one who has worked for Stacy Garcia, Inc. the longest (other than Uncle Larry, of course)!

July 2, 2017 was your 10 year anniversary at Stacy Garcia, Inc. What thoughts come to you when you think of this?
10 years?! How did that happen? To some people it may not sound like a long time, but considering it is a little less than 1/3 of my life, it feels pretty long too me. Not long in a bad way. When I look back at all that has happened in the past 10 years, both personally and professionally, it has been a pretty fun ride so far…

How did you get your start with Stacy Garcia, Inc.? What was it like then?
I often joke with Stacy about her being my “practice interview” out of college. I saw a job post for a custom fabric designer. I remember the website was horrible (I revamped it shortly after starting), I knew nothing about fabric or the hospitality industry but decided it wouldn’t hurt to apply as a dry run for the job I really wanted. I was also offered the “other” job, but followed my gut. Here we are…10 years later.

What have your biggest accomplishments been since your start in 2007?
Fortunately, We’ve shared many major accomplishments over the course of 10 years. My personal biggest? Probably my promotion to creative director. Stacy didn’t take giving that title lightly.

What’s your favorite part about being the Creative Director at Stacy Garcia, Inc.? What excites you the most?
Hard question. Maybe that each day is different and brings new challenges and ideas? It is pretty hard to get bored here. So I guess it is the challenge, the creative problem solving.
Though I don’t get to do it too often anymore, my favorite work is color work. I always get excited the first time seeing a new collection printed, or sampled.

How has the company evolved in the past 10 years?
We’ve grown: the team, the space, the product offering. We’ve not only expanded the Stacy Garcia Commercial brand, but created Stacy Garcia | New York, Stay by Stacy Garcia and Life-Styled.net. I’d say it is going pretty well.

How has the company’s process changed over the years?
We continually redefine and refine.

What are the biggest factors contributing to the success and growth of the brand?
Can I use the same answer as above? Redefine, Refine, Reinvent. We keep moving, changing. We’ve been able to be flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

How would you describe the company’s culture?
We’re serious about design, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun. There are certainly lots of laughs along with the creativity. I don’t know if it is in the culture or the water, but we have a team that doesn’t place blame when things go wrong, each person takes responsibility for all of the work. I guess that’s it, we are a team. We’ve also learned, mistakes happen. Move on and most importantly learn from them.

What’s it been like working so closely with Stacy? How has she challenged and motivated you along the way?
Fun, inspiring. She is one of the smartest people I know. She is forever learning or as she says, “sharpening her saw” so I’m challenged and motivated by just trying to keep up with her.

What does the future hold for Stacy Garcia Inc. in the next 10 years?
Explosive growth? Every time we hit a goal that once seemed lofty, we have to keep reminding ourselves to dream bigger. Stacy Garcia should be a household name. I’m kind of impatient so I really hope it doesn’t take 10 more years. I’m pretty confident it won’t.


Stacy Garcia Team

Amy Nercessian and Sam Burger at the Stacy Garcia VIP Party, 2014
Amy Nercessian and Kaylee Dailey at HD Expo 2016 winning HD Expo Carpet Award for Traces Collection with Durkan
Amy Nercessian and Alison Martin of Townsend Leather
Amy Nercessian, Kaylee Dailey, and Aimee Williams at the launch of Urban Nomad Collection for Brintons at HD Expo 2015
Stacy Garcia and Lebatex team at the Stacy Garcia VIP Party, 2014
Amy Nercessian at BDNY, 2014
Amy Nercessian and Stacy Garcia with team members from York Wallcoverings at BDNY, 2013
Amy Nercessian and Rick Lange
Amy Nercessian and Ashley Vizzi of York Wallcoverings

Amy Nercessian working on the Curator Collection for Brintons


Amy Nercessian and Paul Thomas at the Stacy Garcia VIP Party, 2014


Amy Nercessian and Stacy Garcia with Larry and Mike Chalfin of Samuelson Furniture


10 Fun Facts
1. Stacy and I have the SAME birthday.
2. Stacy is the ultimate wing woman and assisted me in meeting my husband (at a hospitality design trade show).
3. My favorite licensee is…. Just kidding.
4. The Stacy Garcia team (including me) LOVES avocados.
5. Question of the day is a thing here. Makes lunch time conversations more interesting.
6. Stacy did a reading in my wedding ceremony (my Grandma was our other reader).
7. I do actually live with some of our product in my home.
8. A photo of my eye was used in a pattern in one of our collections.
9. My favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada.
10. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be a shopkeeper, floral designer or detective.

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