01 Mar Daan Roosegaarde: Designing a Cleaner Future

As concern for the environment continues to be prevalent, artists and designers all over the world have been exploring new ways to approach earth friendly design concepts. From over the top installations, to functioning jewelry, to alternate forms of transportation, we are seeing new developments amongst several lifestyle categories that are helping us to live in a cleaner, healthier environment. Read about Dutch artist and innovator, Daan Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Project to see how his designs reflect his ethos for a clean future, whereby citizens are part of the solutions instead of the problem.

Smog Free Project

Led by Daan Roosegaarde, Smog Free Project is a series of urban innovations to reduce pollution and provide an inspirational experience of a clean future. The project consists of Smog Free Tower, Smog Free Jewelry and Smog Free Bicycle, all providing a local solution of clean air in public spaces. Here along with governments, students and the clean-tech industry, people can work together to make a whole city smog free.

Smog Free Tower

The 7 meters high Smog Free Tower is the largest air purifier in the world. It creates a bubble of clean air enabling citizens to experience clean air for free. Using patented ozone-free ion technology and a small amount of green electricity, the Smog Free Tower cleans 30.000m3 per hour. It captures and collects more than 75% of airborne smog particles while releasing clean air in a 360 degrees motion around the tower.

Smog Free Jewelry

Proudly wear your support for a green earth with the Smog Free Jewelry, a tangible souvenir of the project. The Smog Free Ring and Smog Free Cufflinks are made from compressed smog particles collected from the Smog Free Tower. By sharing a Smog Free Ring, you donate 1000m3 of clean air.

Smog Free Bicycle

The newest addition to the project, Smog Free Bicycle inspires clean air by sucking up polluted air, cleaning it and giving the clean air to the cyclist. The design is inspired by the manta ray, a fish which filters water for food. Working in a similar way, the bicycle uses a plug-in device on the steering wheel which filters the air. It is intended to become a medium for smog free cities, creating an impact on the larger urban scale.



About Daan Roosegaarde:

Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab of Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde. Together with his team of designers and engineers Roosegaarde creates landscapes of the future for a better world. The studio connects people, technology and space to improve daily life in urban environments and spark imagination.

Click here to learn more about Daan Roosegaarde.

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