08 May King of Color: Karim Rashid


Karim Rashid photo by Lupe de la Vallina


Karim Rashid Kolide Table

Karim Rashid BOCONCEPT Ottawa Collection
Karim Rashid KUNDALINI Toot Table Lamp
Karim Rashid MAIORI Kose-Collection
Karim Rashid PURHO Flik Lamp
Karim Rashid SKANDIFORM Phaze
Karim Rashid TEMPTATION Bash Bar Noche
Karim Rashid TEMPTATION Italiano
Karim Rashid TEMPTATION Italiano
Karim Rashid TEMPTATION SeaFlirt


When we think of color, we think of acclaimed industrial designer Karim Rashid! Vibrant and lighthearted, Karim’s influential work ranges from interiors, product design, architecture, graphic design, and more. Unafraid to be adventurous in his work, Karim pushes boundaries in his projects through his exciting color choices and innovative design process.

Based on the human experience and an understanding of contemporary culture, Karim aims to improve and fill the world with inspiring objects, spaces, and experiences. In an interview with Blane Charles for Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia, Karim commented on his appreciation and method for selecting colors in design. He stated, “I love pink and techno colors- colors that have a vibrancy and energy of our digital world. White is the way that you really see form and concept without being distracted by color or pattern, hence I try and see all my work in white firstly then I add texture and color if need be. I think people aren’t sold color so they don’t expect to buy color. 90% of people are going to buy the color on display rather than use their imagination to visualize the other options. The beauty of this farrago in life is the broad diversity and choice of everything.”


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