10 Jul Make Your Small Space Appear Bigger

Many people are under the impression that small spaces can make you feel claustrophobic and not serve a purpose. However, if you follow these clever design tricks you can make your small space appear bigger and fabulous!




If you haven't used it in 3 months-toss it! The less you have in your small space, the bigger it will appear. Have a yard sale and make a few bucks while enlarging the space in your home.

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Stacy Garcia | New York for
York Wallcoverings: Pop Dot - ST6074

Think Vertically:

Inspired by this hotel room installation, instead of adding dressers or shelves to your floor, build them above a desk or bed. Even adding a bulletin board or file system above your desk can create a significant amount of space. Mounting things on the wall like your jewelry can also create space.

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Stacy Garcia Commercial for
Icon Furniture: Chelsea Media Wall Unit

Hidden Storage:

Whether its furniture that doubles as storage or tucked away drawers; any possible way to add storage that isn't visible will make your space seem bigger. Take our Calabasas Cocktail & Buffet, not only can you put material on the top but they have a hidden shelving.

Product Shown:
Stacy Garcia | New York:
Calabasas Cocktail Table
Calabasas Buffet


Adding a mirror is the quickest way to make a room appear bigger. You can add a large wall size mirror, lean one up against the wall or just stand one up on a desk. Mirrors give off the illusion that the space is bigger because of the light they reflect. The interiors will also take in the reflected light, seeming brighter and bigger.

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Stacy Garcia Commercial for
Durkan: Surfaces - GA42465

Carpet Choice:

Bright colored or bold patterned carpet actually can make a room seem smaller. The detailed pattern can make you feel like the space is closing in on you and it takes more visual processing in the brain. When choosing a carpet for a small space that you want to appear larger, go with a simple, single-colored, toned carpet that can blend with the
rest of the accessories you
choose. Matching a similar
carpet color with the color of the walls can make the room seem bigger because they will flow into each other.

Product Shown:
Stacy Garcia Commercial for
Lexmark Hospitality: Composite - Granite


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