31 Dec Trend Story: Vantage

With the improvement of science and technology, we’re now able to explore worlds and views we have never been able to see before. Vantage is inspired by the views of our world shot by drones and satellites from above and the highly detailed photos taken with macro lenses and microscopes. This shift in perspective allows us to detach the image from what it is actually representing, resulting in unexpectedly abstract patterns.


Abstract expressions, organic lines, kaleidoscope-inspired shapes, marbling & blocking.


Earthy blue and green tones, nature inspired neutrals, soft pink and purple hues.

Vantage Trend Color Palette

Experiment with the Color Combinations Below to Capture the Vantage Look!

Vantage Trend Color Palette

A palette with varying shades of green will really capture the essence of nature, while pops of deep brown and blue keep the palette rich and grounded.

Vantage Trend Color Palette

 Sticking to a more subtle palette with soft, unsaturated sea blues and coral paired with a strong neutral creates a sense of sophistication.

Vantage Trend Color Palette

Utilize different hues of purple accented with a bright green for a palette that has fun pops of color and personality.

Love this palette as much as we do? The Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team has put together a shopping guide influenced by the organic shapes and colors of Vantage:

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