02 Feb Inspiring Interview with Allison Eden

Based in Brooklyn, Allison Eden Studios has become one of the country’s leading glass tile suppliers for commercial and residential interior decor.  The studio is best known for housing a team of  innovative designers who produce cutting edge products in one of the world’s most demanding markets.

Allison Eden-Headshot

Allison Eden, Allison Eden Studios

We spoke with Allison Eden, creative force behind Allison Eden Studios, about her custom designed, stained glass mosaics in hopes are gaining insight on her creative process and inspiration.

Behind the Artist: Allison Eden

Medium: Glass mosaics

Studio Name: Allison Eden Studios

Location: New York City

Have you always had a passion for stained glass mosaics? What is your background?

I fell in love with glass while attending FIT in the early 90’s. I was a fashion design major but I really loved interior design and also drawing and painting. I had so many interests in the same field and wanted to mesh them together to create something that was fashion, art and interior design all rolled into one. I used to paint on clothing and bedazzle everything that I got my hands on- I love detail and think too much is never enough. I love working in many mediums but as soon as I saw all the fabulous colors available in stained glass, i put down my sewing machine and started gluing glass to everything.


Allison Eden Studios

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I am inspired by the never ending creative energy around me. I live in NYC where there is never a dull moment and there is eye candy everywhere. I try to live life colorfully and beat to my own tune- My family and friends are all colorful and i am also inspired by the people who surround and support me.

What is your creative process?
I bring a sketch book with me everywhere and just draw anything that seems like would be a good thing to cut in glass.


Front door of Allison Eden Studios

What does a typical day look like in Allison Eden Studios?
A typical day at Allison Eden studios starts at 7 am. I have over an hour commute by train so I sit and draw and then once I get to the studio I will figure out how to make it in glass.


Designers working on glass mosaics in Allison Eden Studios

You are known for having the fastest turnaround time in the industry. On Average, what is the time frame for a standard piece of art?
We are really quick with projects because once we get into a project its really hard to stop- I like to put my headphones on blast disco music while working. I love really getting into a piece and its quite hard to stop and walk away. I don’t have the 9-5 life so i could start a huge project, get so into it and work all night.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.21.54 AM

Allison Eden’s Sparkle window, Bloomingdale’s

If you had to pick one, what is your favorite creation to date?
So far my favorite project was The Holiday window for Bloomingdale’s this past year- It took me 6 months to complete. It was an aquatic mural with a moving mosaic chandelier – It was truly a masterpiece and won 3rd best window in NYC for the holiday season which is really a big deal in NYC.

Allison Eden Studios has successfully collaborated with both commercial and residential spaces.  If you had to choose, what area do you enjoy more? Why?
I love both residential and commercial projects but I do get to get to see the commercial projects where I might never get to see a residential installation. I feel like all my projects are my babies and therefore all need to be masterpieces- Some have been so hard to give away but I enjoy both.

You have teamed up with many well-known artists, are there any in particular that you most enjoyed working with? Why?
I like working with all artists and collaborating and seeing their vision. It pushes my boundaries and permits me to see how other artists work.

In one of the world’s most demanding markets, how do you and your team plan on staying relevant/fresh/innovative?
I stay relevant because I create what I feel is important at that moment. I push the boundaries of what is available on the market and try to always stay true to my brand. I don’t copy and follow trends at all. I like designing and coming up with new ideas- I dont see any need to stay safe and copy others- I find that copying to be the death of an artist.  I see how most companies stay as safe as possible just following and becoming plain vanilla, so I go the opposite- I take great chances therefore inspiring me to push even farther in my design process.


Allison Eden Studios

What advice would you give young artists who are currently trying to find their place in the art industry?
The advise to young artists is to follow their passion. Creative people think and live out of the box which sometimes can be very hard- I understand that very well as I have lived outside the box my whole life. Every artist should create what they think is beautiful to them and then others will see the beauty- Never give up, work hard and always stay true to yourself.

About Allison Eden:
Allison designs custom stained glass mosaics for commercial and residential spaces worldwide.  After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in 1995, Allison began her career designing a women’s line for Nautica.  It was at that time that Allison also began pursuing her interest in creating glass mosaics. This passion would transform into, Allison Eden Studios, a booming business sought after by leading interior designers and architects.

Allison Eden Studios
(212) 643-2426

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