Inspired by art movements like the Bauhaus as well as the Modern Memphis style and the Pop Art genre, Art Haus consists of large geometric shapes in bright vivid colors. A primary color palette dominates this trend, along with a few saturated pastels to accentuate the bright colors. Art Haus explores the way we experience art, from the framed pieces on the wall to the objects we use in every day life. This playful movement transforms ordinary objects into masterpieces, finding beauty, yet simplicity, in everything we surround ourselves with.


Geometric color blocking, Bauhaus asymmetric patterns, organic linework layered on block print, modern art


bright primary, saturated pastels

Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia Art Haus Pantone Color Palette


Experiment with the color combinations below to capture the Art Haus look!

Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia Art Haus Trend Palette

A primary color palette is eminent of the Bauhaus movement as these colors evoke a classic, playful and modern style.

Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia Art Haus Trend Palette

Pastels ease the eye into the more saturated tones while hints of bright colors keep the palette from feeling dull.

Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia Art Haus Trend Palette

Primary colors, pastels, brights and a hint of stark black balance one another out to create a fun and interesting color palette.

Love this palette as much as we do? The Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team has put together a shopping guide influenced by the cleansing energy of Aura!


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