21 Jul Tranquil Treville, Our Favorite Beach Getaway!

Sometimes you just need to get away! Take the time to break away from your daily humdrum routine. There’s no better time to do this than in the summer and no better place than by the beach! Villa Treville, a Homebase Abroad property located on the coast of Italy, offers a complete departure from the outside world. It’s the perfect place for when you just need to slip away. Spend some time unwinding, exploring, eating, swimming, hiking, and having an adventure! The authentic, incomparable Italian style is beyond captivating and you’ll never forget that oceanfront view. When we need an escape from the everyday, Treville, the most extensive private waterfront on the coast, delivers.

While you’re there, you must visit The Amalfi Coast!  It’s full of charming towns and villages full of local artisans, boutiques, and endless cafes. The Villa makes it easy with its own private boat, the San Salvatore, that whisks you away to Positano for shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Don’t know where to start? Take a guided tour and experience the sights firsthand along the coast full of rich history and inspiring cultures.

The best part of any vacation is indulging in the fresh food offerings! Gastronomic tours of Naples leads you to the most desirable, delectable, and authentic cuisine from local cafes and restaurants. Spend your afternoon sampling the many culinary delights of the Mediterranean.

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing the day away, anything goes when you’re on vacation! Unwind in your private quarters of Treville. We love the authentically decorated spaces and the variety of private gardens, plunge pools, balconies, and views of the flowing Tyrrhenian Sea. The suites are the very best places to refresh, find clarity, and get inspired for what comes next.

The tranquility of the gardens is the perfect place to spend some alone time the morning or the evening and take in the fresh ocean air. The picturesque mood in Treville is always set to take your breath away.

About Homebase Abroad
Inspired by a personal love of travel shared between co-founders Mara Solomon and Maryellen Auger, Homebase Abroad is a company of villa travel specialists, working exclusively in Italy. Founded in 1995 as a trusted resource in the pre-Internet age for finding reputable Italian vacation villas, Homebase Abroad has evolved over the last 20 years. Today we are a leader in the industry offering highly personalized travel services and a deep knowledge of Italy cultivated by in-depth research and an extensive network of personal relationships with villa owners.

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