15 Aug Biophilic Design – Luxurious, Nature Infused Resorts

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor design allows us to have a close connection with nature creating a soothing and also stimulating atmosphere. Water views, retractable roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, tropical gardens, and more are being used in resorts across the world to generate this experience. Check out two amazing resorts implementing biophilic design below!

Garden Gazing – Mexico City

At Mexico City’s Ignacia House, you will fall in love with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a cozy, tropical garden. This biophilic design allows you to fully immerse yourself in Mexico’s exotic atmosphere, evoking the feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

A guest house with more windows than wall space, natural light is filtered in during the day and you can view the lit, plant-filled courtyard at night. This creates a serene and cozy atmosphere.


Lagoon Lounging – Maldives

Who doesn’t dream of getting away to a place like this? The Soneva Jani Resort in the Maldives features gorgeous overwater villas with tons of open-air space (including outdoor bathrooms with direct access into the lagoon), designs made up of sustainable, natural materials, and retractable roofs that open over the master bed at the touch of a button to reveal the starry night sky above. Nearly every element of this stunning villa incorporates Biophilic Design, making this the perfect getaway for someone who wishes to escape into nature.

Beautiful turquoise is seen for miles! Guests are surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Noonu Atoll from all points of the room with limitless views of the pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery ashore. We love the endless windows in this design allowing you to fully experience and become part of the environment around you. Whether afloat in the beautiful waters or in bed under the stars, this villa will surely not fail to make you feel revitalized or serene.

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