17 Mar Café Au Lait


Our featured color is both rich, smooth and delicious; reminiscent of everyone’s favorite morning indulgence. Café au lait is a notable shade of brown that is making a major comeback not only in design but fashion as well. The coffee shop experience is affecting our color choices and demanding attention. Brown is surging in popularity making its way to center stage as the hottest color in fashion, automobiles and architectural coatings. The neutrality of Café au lait gives off comfort while grounding people from their hectic schedules and lifestyles. Stay energized with Café au lait this season!


Shown below in the Chelsea Collection by Stacy Garcia for Icon Furniture, warm brown Café au lait tones add comfort to any interior, making it perfect for any guest room. Match this Café au lait dresser with bright carpet, simple textured wall covering and a bouquet of crisp white flowers to ground yourself year round.


Café au lait pairs well with neutrals as shown below with Amp by Stacy Garcia Textiles. Combine bold blues, warm browns & gray hues with Café au lait and the result will be modern and fresh.


The Connoisseur Collection designed by Stacy Garcia for Durkan, is shown here with its refined & elegant patterns. Café au lait makes a great accent color paired with navy and ochre.


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