19 Mar Fab Five Favs: The Celebration of Collaboration with FLORIM by Blane Charles

Blane Charles of BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consulting) new installment of “Fab Five Favs” celebrates collaboration and attention to detail for DIFFA‘s (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) upcoming Dining by Design event. DIFFA will host its Annual Dining by Design fundraiser, a 5-day showcase of extraordinary tabletop design for a worthy cause. The event will be held at Pier 92 in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Design Show on March 22nd to March 26th.

FAB FIVE FAVS Features FLORIM in the “Celebration Of Collaboration”


In a celebration of the power of collaboration, “FAB FIVE FAVS” is thrilled to feature FLORIM one of the designers invited by DIFFA to participate in “Dining By Design” March 22-26, 2018 at PIER 92.

Michael Torsiello, Business Developer for FLORIM and I first met at DIFFA “Dining By Design” Kick Off Event. We realized how thrilled we were to be able to utilize our talents to support the fight against AIDS especially during these critical times, and how important the aspect of collaboration is in our effort to WIN!

Michael shared with me “that in any aspect of life, any situation, any industry, collaboration, connecting and working together are one of the most crucial factors in building a solid foundation. This is something we really focused on this year while planning for the DIFFA event.

“We are more than thankful to have made some great connections this past year which have allowed us to have a very strong collaboration for this event. This year we will be teaming up with the world-renowned architecture and design firm, HOK. “Also, we will be collaborating with STUDIO TK for furniture, known for helping to change the culture of the work environment with their exclusive focus on social applications.

My desire to include FLORIM in this feature was deepened when I discovered that the most important aspects of Florim’s mission are research, innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Like here at BCDC, FLORIM feels that attention to detail is everything!

Patience, creativity, all the way down to the importance of one single grain of sand. Florim is a breath of fresh air in the ceramic industry. Florim ceramic products are the result of the most advanced production technologies combined with constant aesthetic research.

Here are our “Fab Five Favs” from Florim ceramic products latest collections:

FLORIM Product - Life-Styled.net

  1. Prexious of Rex – Dream Arabesque

  2. Prexious of Rex – Charming Amber 

  3. I Classici di Rex – Marquinia

  4. Stones & More 2.0 by Casa Dolce Casa – Casamood – Stone Calacatta

  5. Floor Gres – Black Silk

Our conversation culminated with a sharing of what it meant for use to be invited by DIFFA to participate in Dining By Design.

Michael concluded by saying “Participating in an event like Dining by Design gives us a sense of pride in our industry and creates a true sense of community. This is a chance for us to inspire those who are an inspiration to us. With this being said, we plan to raise awareness, we plan to raise hope, belief, and plan to show what can be conquered by power coming in numbers.

About Blane Charles:
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Blane Charles Design Consulting (BCDC)
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