Fall is right around the corner, which means new trends in fashion and home decor will be emerging. We spoke to Trim expert, Jana Phipps, about her forecasted trend for this upcoming season.

Military Chic-Deconstructing A Trend With
Platina Phipps, TRIM QUEEN

I distill trends, lifestyle, fashion & interiors, and translate them into the work I do as a trimmings designer and design blogger. This consists of immersing myself in the ethos of what is happening culturally which means: combing the runway shows for hours on end, attending countless trade shows, visiting numerous museums, knowing about as well as going to films and Broadway production – even analyzing people’s lifestyle choices that may build momentum and aggregate into a large-scale shift, such as the MAKER movement. I love this process and it all informs my design work and the world of design in different degrees.


Trim Queen draws inspiration from various fashion magazines

So when Fall Fashion erupts on the newsstand at the end of summer, I have most likely been bedfellows with what’s trending for months already. But seeing them on the pages of Vogue, Bazaar, W, and Glamour excites me, as if they are affirming my studies, and I devour the Autumn tomes. After “tearsheeting” my favorite shots, I’m motivated to shop my closet, sew embellishments on my wardrobe, then finally splurge on a few key pieces. Here is a trend that I can’t live without this season, and what you’ll be seeing in home décor to boot.

Military style rises in fashion every decade or so, but this year it is anchored by a few cultural influences. First, the blockbuster hit Hamilton on Broadway has popularized Revolutionary War history and costume for audiences young and old; my 12-year-old daughter has the soundtrack down cold.


Lin Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, military costumes by Paul Tazewell. Photo: TyrannyOfStyle

Secondly, Prince William and Princess Kate are making the Royals chic and relevant again as they assume their place at the helm of British Society.


Princess Kate and Prince William via Vogue.com Photo: Max Mumby

Thirdly, I think embellishments like embroidery, passementerie, and badges, are gaining popularity as a backlash to the austere minimalism of the recession we are happy to leave behind. These are also a nod to the Maker Movement as they are mostly handmade.


TrimQueen Fall 2016 Mood Board for Military Trend

So when I finally dig into my fashion mags, the Military trend, named as such or otherwise, erupts in each issue and even adorns Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue.


Kendall Jenner in Gucci Vogue Cover September Issue 2016

Marie Claire Magazine calls the trend “Super Trooper,” highlighting the crimson and gold runway looks.


The gorgeous regal trend as interpreted by Marie Claire.

New York Magazine probes further describing the origins of Military style.


Models dressed in Military Chic trend

Ultimately, what does this mean for those of us in design? Maximalism is on the rise, but not an ostentatious 80’s version or a Versailles redux. It will be less about money, and more about wearing your life’s travels, and character, on your sleeve (and sofa).


Jana Platina Phipps is well known as a trim designer with a refined vision for the use of trimmings in home furnishings, fashion and luxury DIY. Her entree into the business was translating handbag specifications from Italian to English for the likes of Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. She designed an exclusive line of hair accessories which sold at Bergdorf Goodman and boutiques across the country.


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