07 Sep A Taste of Design: An Interview with Food Designer Brian Sullivan of Food360

When you mix together a dash of food, a pinch of design, and a spoonful of science, voilà! You’ve got a recipe for Food360. We sat down with culinary masters Brian Sullivan and Carla Serrano of Food360 to learn more about how they combined their backgrounds in nutrition and design. Through planning and preparation methods, meal conversion, and a solid comprehension of nutrition, this design duo provides practical and wholesome nutrition experiences.

Food Design

While Food360 keeps health at the forefront of their cause, they also make sure their menu tastes and looks incredible. “Design finds itself in the way that we plate or present food; in our branding; in our constant goal for improvement,” Sullivan states. Brian and Carla have cooked for Fragrance Designers at the International Flavors and Fragrances office in NYC. Their dishes were inspired by color through visual ingredients, aromatics, & flavors.

Food & Wellness

Food360 caters to the world’s top tech companies in NYC’s Silicon Alley. However, the business doesn’t just cater food, they provide a total wellness experience for each individual. They know what you need nutritionally, mentally, and physically. Sullivan tells us, “We find ourselves between soulful grub and refined, healthy fare. Whether an individual micro level, or a company-wide macro level, we work with as many local vendors as possible to provide meal plans and curated snacks to our clientele.”


Brian’s design expertise also led him to teaching a FOODNOLOGY course at the Pratt Institute. “Design is this beautiful space where you can bring the scientific, logical, and data-driven and the creative, emotional, aesthetic driven together to create many products that we all have enjoyed. What product have we partaken in more than the earth and food?!”


“We think that the egg is the perfect ingredient to test your skills,” Brian recommends. “You can go by instinct in a pot of water or through science in an immersion circulator bath for your cooking methods, but a perfectly cooked poached egg is the best designed food package that man or Mother Nature can present… along with some maldon sea salt (and maybe a slice of toast).”

Currently, the couple is working on expanding their clientele, creating retail products, and continuing to test and develop new ways to disrupt the current food industry. Brian explains, “Food is the one common denominator that we all share and should be the ignitor for real conversations of change!” It’s all in the details when it comes to food and its design.

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