15 Jan The Monarch Bar: MANICA Architecture Creates a State of Opulence

David Manica, founder of MANICA Architecture, believes in stunning design and innovative function as the path to successful design. Enjoyed by millions of people around the world, his designs have a profoundly positive effect on the life of entire cities. At The Monarch Bar in Kansas City, David designed the space with the intention of creating a social environment that evokes a feeling of luxury while remaining comfortable and inviting. We asked David some questions to grasp a better understanding of his approach for the bar’s design concept.

The stunning art installation hovering over the center bar clearly takes inspiration from the Bar’s name. Why the name ‘Monarch’ and how did this play into the design concept of the space?
“Honestly, I just liked the timeless and classic sound of the word, but I did not want to move toward crowns, royalty, and monarchy. Instead, I decided to center the concept around the Monarch butterfly because it is graceful, beautiful, and incredibly tenacious. The signature chandelier above the central bar was installed by local artisans and includes 1,000 acrylic butterflies.  With the LED color changing lighting, it looks as though the swarm of butterflies is moving and dancing through the space.”


You describe The Parlour Room as a “behind closed doors, invitation-only” bar. How does this create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests?
“Exclusivity is certainly part of the experience. Very dark and difficult to find its edges when the lights are low, the one-of-a-kind experience is really supported through its premium service and the unique menu. We are very fortunate to have access to some of the rarest spirits in the country, so if you find yourself in the Parlour, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink that not too many others in the country could.  I like to think of the Parlour as a panic room that you don’t want to leave.  Safe, cozy, and filled with the best liquor in the world.”


What materials were used in the space? How were these materials utilized to create a sense of refined opulence?
“We considered every detail when we designed the interiors. We utilized book matched marble slabs with herringbone wood floors and velvet banquette cushions. The walls and ceiling were dressed in a highly detailed casework trim and rich fabrics. We also spent a lot of time and energy making sure that the exquisite finishes were all that the guests could see, and that the interiors were not spoiled by the infrastructure. The result is a space where all surfaces are carefully considered as one seamless and elegant design.”


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