03 Feb This with That: Whimsical Pattern & Bright Color

Whimsical pattern & bright color are sure to leave you feeling upbeat this month!


This combination features Boho Luxe by Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather and Urban Nomad by Stacy Garcia for Brintons. Boho Luxe is a contemporary take on a classic paisley. This large scale droplet design moves effortlessly with its free flowing organic forms, embossed and burnished for a naturally well-worn appearance. Urban Nomad is a collective gathering of culturally inspired designs containging influences from around the globe.

Paired with the movement of Boho Luxe, the brightly colored Urban Nomad carpet creates an energized environment. Bright colors like orange stimulate happiness & laughter. The more immersed you are in rich colors, the more content you are.

Stacy_Garcia view 2_normal

This pairing not only works well in interiors but in fashion as well. Clothing that’s vibrant & patterned will instantly put you in a cheerful mood. If going all in with color is too much of a commitment, spice up a room with fun-patterned pillows, rugs, window treatments & art.

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