19 Nov Gift Guide: Our Top 6 Experiences to Give this Holiday Season

We are dubbing experiences as the new hot wish list item this year! Yes, you heard right. Physical gifts are being replaced with tickets to music festivals and booking confirmations for AirBnbs. People are choosing to spend their money on creating a memory they can take back home with them rather than purchasing products. From this, we are now seeing a new type of service being offered where companies have gathered lists composed of endless options of experiences to choose from in categories ranging from film & TV to fashion & style. From here you’re just one click away from purchasing a gift which is the experience of a lifetime!

1. Movie Location Tour

Know any diehard movie and TV fans? The Movie Location Tour guides you through filming locations of scenes from classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Wall Street and ends with a behind-the-scenes visit to the NBC Studios – one of America’s most iconic TV studios. What I think is really cool about this experience, is that it really puts you on the other side of the camera allowing you to look at these TV and film locations from a whole different angle. Click here for additional information!

2. Juice and Wellness Workshop

We all know health & wellness is a huge trend right now! The Juice and Wellness Workshop is perfect for someone looking to incorporate juice making into their lifestyle by learning about healthy juices and the benefits of organic fruits and veggies. You’ll leave with incredible knowledge on how to add this to your daily routine for the best mind-body-soul living along with a delicious, fresh juice! Click here for additional information!

3. Spring Equinox Flower Class

Ever wondered how to achieve that gorgeous, organic look for a floral arrangement? I know I have! Spring is just around the corner making this the perfect gift for someone with an interest in creating their very own gestural arrangement with product imported from around the world. What’s neat about this experience is that you will learn the instructor’s approach to design as she shares her passion for the magic nature provides. Click here for additional information!

4. Night Photography

Have you ever seen the New York City skyline at night? It’s such a gorgeous sight to capture on photograph, but we all know how hard it is to get a clear shot in this type of lighting. The Night Photography lesson will teach you how to take those “Instagram worthy” photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, NYC skyline and more breathtaking locations after the sun goes down. Click here for additional information!

5. Luxury Garage Sale

If there is a fashion lover in your life, then this is the ultimate gift for them! With the Luxury Garage Sale you will be granted behind-the-scenes access to a 25,000 square foot warehouse that houses over 50,000 luxury items. We’re talking exclusive access to brands like Chanel, Hermes, Gucci and many more. You even get your get your own stylist to take you on a tour of this shopping paradise as you sip on beverages and curate the best pieces tailored to your personal style. Click here for additional information!

6. Sunrise and Solitude in the Dry Lake Beds

Now, this is an experience we could all use! Travel in a luxury convertible and leave the Las Vegas Strip behind with Sunrise and Solitude in the Dry Lake Beds. This private yoga session is truly unique because you will be surrounded the tranquility and serenity of the Seven Magic Mountains. Close out this one-of-a-kind experience with an opportunity to sit in solitude, taking in the serenity and peace offered by the desert. Click here for additional information!

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