18 Jul This W. That: Well-Traveled Pattern & Graphic Pattern

Well-Traveled vibes combined with Graphic Pattern, our featured This W. That is full of movement!

This issue’s This W. That features a vibrant pattern combination! Plaza, a mid scale lattice design is inspired by classic tile motifs is paired with Mercado, a small scale geometric in vibrant blue hues. Both products are from the Seville Collection by Stacy Garcia Textiles for Sunbrella Contract.

This pattern mix creates a rich and cultured feel, inspired by our 2017 trend Morocco to Madrid. This well-traveled trend takes cue from Spain & Morocco. Characteristics of Morocco to Madrid include highly graphic and contemporary pattern & inspiration from Moorish architecture and tile.
Layering bold patterns, like Plaza & Mercado, and decorative elements together with rich color palettes, you can make rooms feel inviting and one-of-a-kind. The bright blue hues offer relaxation and stimulation at the same time.

Stacy Garcia Textiles are available through D.L. Couch, Eykon Design Resources, LebaTex & TRI-KES.


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