05 Jan Color Crush: Obsidian

Top Left:  Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather Kinetic-Mineral  Bottom Right: Gabardine Collection by Stacy Garcia for TileBar

As the New Year is upon us, confident Obsidian comes into play. Polished and powerful, Obsidian charms us with its mysterious energy. This color is reemerging from a history of healing and cleansing drawn from the charismatic Obsidian stone. Utilize this shade in your interiors for a secure and protective environment. This tone holds both warm and cool temperatures, making Obsidian a versatile color choice.

Pastel Pairing

Pairing Obsidian with pops of pastels will leave a high-end impression. Working in a high-contrast palette creates visual variety and adds an unexpected airiness to the atmosphere. Softer tones work to soothe and create open spaces. Analogous color schemes with touches of Obsidian creates a rich, monochromatic look.

A Sleek Statement

Following the trend of colored kitchen cabinets, Obsidian brings a clean and contemporary look to the table. This soft, off-black hue tones down the drama of a true black color. Allowing natural light to take center stage in your interior creates a welcoming feel that may surprise you while using Obsidian. Rich woods and copper metals work effortlessly together with this hue, and bright, white accents alleviate a moody feel.

Gabardine Collection by Stacy Garcia for TileBar

Gabardine Collection, Ascot by Stacy Garcia for TileBar

Glamour through Geometrics

Make a splash by utilizing Obsidian in a bold tile! Featuring a modern geometric tile on an accent wall can make all the difference in your space. Rooms without architectural focal points can benefit from this technique. As a neutral color, Obsidian acts as a tone that works well for a hint of elegance to any color scheme.

Love Obsidian as much as we do? Use PMS 412 C or Pratt & Lambert’s #33-17, Obsidian!

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