04 May Crazy About Coffee (Shops): Three Seat Espresso & Barber

If you know Stacy Garcia, you know that she LOVES her coffee! Today, cafes are serving up more than just a great cup of coffee! From coffee to interiors the Life-Styled team will explore unique cafes and shops that have put their own twist on the traditional coffee experience! 

For part 1 of the Crazy about Coffee (Shops) series, we find ourselves in the East Village. Situated directly across from Tompkins Square Park, Three Seat Espresso & Barber, is a multi-concept space that acts as a cafe, bar, and barbershop. With a cafe upon entering the store and a barber section directly behind the cafe, customers are able to get coffee and a cut (and even a crumpet)!

We spoke with Aaron Cook, Founder & CEO of Three Seat Espresso & Barber, to learn more about how this lifestyle inspired space came to be!

What was the inspiration behind the shop’s overall design?
Ensuring both the cafe and barber elements were visible, engaging and interesting for our customers. The aesthetic is modern, clean and minimalist with a burst of yellow coffee cups and small yellow items placed around the cafe. We were mindful to not make the store busy with too many bright colors and artwork, detracting from the uniqueness of the multi-concept. Customer and staff flow and functionality were are the forefront of my mind as well, of course.


There are millions of coffee shops in the United States. How does your shop create a unique experience for your customers?
Three Seat Espresso & Barber is a lifestyle inspired space, harnessing the natural synergy and lifestyle elements of coffee, cafes and hair cutting. I believe we are unique in offering all of the aforementioned services and products all at a very competitive price point, to meet the needs of the growing community in which the store is located. East Village in NYC was specifically chosen for the first store as we believe the cafe and barber combination complements the neighborhood extremely well.


What do you want your customers to feel when they visit your shop? What kind of environment are you trying to create?
I would like my customers to feel intrigued, curious, calm, inspired and above all, welcome. The environment and experience can serve whatever purpose that suits each customer – a great coffee by yourself to stay or go, a meeting with friends, a business meeting, a place to work for a couple of hours, a place to get a haircut and beard trim, a place to grab a beer or wine etc.

 Most popular drink on the menu? 
At the moment it is our 24 hour cold brew. Through the colder months, it was a latte and the more adventurous customers opted for a golden latte (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, organic coconut sugar, black pepper, steamed with almond milk).


Loving the Crazy About Coffee (Shops) series already?! Keep an eye out next week for Part 2, featuring San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Cafe.

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