14 Dec In Their Dreams: Q&A With Design Industry Friends

Sometimes the things we dream about at night motivate us to reach our goals and uncover dreams we didn’t even know we had! We asked our industry friends how dreams have impacted their lives.

Allison Eden, Mosaic Artist at Allison Eden Studios

Allison Eden
Mosaic Designer, Allison Eden Studios

What was the last dream you had while asleep?
“My last dream that I had was that I walked into my closet and noticed that there was a little door in the corner- I opened it and it was a huge empty apartment- It was so gorgeous, high ceilings by the windows and it was connected to mine and I never knew- Just as I settled into pure excitement about my new acquisition i woke up! I have had the same dream many times!! Maybe it just a NYC dream of finding more space and breaking through to have huge closets!!”

Julia Green, Interior Designer at Greenhouse Interiors

Julia Green
Interior Designer, Greenhouse Interiors

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
“I am driven beyond the realms of normal. I don’t ‘bounce’ out of my cocoon of a morning but once showered and properly awake, I am motivated to tackle my day head on. It’s the excitement of every day being different, (variety is the spice of life) from shooting a dreamy set for a client through to writing copy for a home I have styled, or chasing the dreams of my artists that I represent. There is always more to do than the hours I have to do them in, so it’s a race against the clock most days. I want to be the best I can be every day. I want to achieve big things for all I work alongside.”

Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director at Oh Joy!

Joy Cho
Founder & Creative Director, Oh Joy!

How have you made your dreams a reality?
“I have always wanted to create things and bring happiness to people’s lives. And now I have a company that works every day to do just that! Also, I feel like I am teaching my kids about pursuing their dreams and how you can create a job that you want and love. The key to making your dreams a reality is putting it out there (write your goals on a piece of paper, tell a friend, etc) and then believe you can do it.“

Kathleen Shannon, CoFounder of Being Boss

Kathleen Shannon
Co-founder, Being Boss

What is the last dream you had while asleep?
“I love this! I used to keep a dream journal that I would write in every morning. Paying mind to your dreams is like telling your subconscious “I’m listening” even when the dreams seem mundane. With that my dream last night was not especially meaningful or spectacular. I was in a house with a bunch of rooms – there was no rhyme or reason to the layout and it felt very pieced together. There were some other creative peers there – including a hot photographer that I seemed to be crushing on.”

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