30 Aug Dishing Up the Team’s Favorite Ice Cream

The Stacy Garcia team received a fun token of appreciation from their Chief Inspiration Officer last week. The team walked outside of the office and was surprised with an ice cream truck! With an office full of ice cream lovers, Stacy turned a typical day into the best day ever. With this unexpected treat, we just had to know the favorite ice creams of the team!

Ice Cream Truck

The Stacy Garcia Team surprised with an Ice Cream Truck

“What is your favorite kind of ice cream?”

Stacy Garcia, Chief Inspiration Officer
 “Recently I’ve been trying to follow a more vegan-based diet….but ice cream is a totally different food group so it’s okay! I would have to say my favorite ice cream is anything Haagan Dazs. The coffee flavor comes to mind but all of it is good!

Amy Nercessian, Creative Director
“Hmm…its either Pistachio Ice-cream  OR Coconut Fruit bars!”

Aimee Williams, Designer
“Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream all the way. It’s classic and my all-time guilty pleasure! “

Kaylee Dailey, Designer
“SUPER tough question… Hard or soft-serve? Hard ice cream my all-time fav is Coffee… soft serve I like a good ol’ fashioned twist (with rainbow sprinkles of course!).”

Mae Armenante, Design Assistant
“Favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip! If we’re talking favorite ice cream truck treat, its a tie between a Choco-taco and Chipwich”

Brenna Reardon, Junior Marketing Associate
 “This is the hardest question ever! In general probably Butter Crunch or Rocky Road. I love getting a mix of ingredients!”

Janet Gleeson, Marketing Intern
“Usually chocolate! But I got a Choco-taco from the ice cream truck for the first time…its a new favorite.”

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