01 Sep Hotel EMC2: Art + Science, An Equation for Innovation

Influenced by famed physicist Albert Einstein, Hotel EMC2 is nestled in downtown Chicago at the “intersection of art and science”. Designed by the Rockwell Group and KOO Architecture, Hotel EMC2 is an Autograph Collection hotel by Marriott like you’ve never seen before.

Growing up, owner, Scott Greenberg, was very passionate in both sciences and the arts. Greenberg believes that finding the connection between art and science can spark new ideas and lead to innovation. This idea is what ignited the Hotel EMC2.

The Design

The exterior of Hotel EMC2, designed by KOO Architecture, dramatically shines and reflects Chicago’s city lights. General Manager, Christine Wechter, tells us “The geometric shapes above the entrance are inspired by a four-dimensional cube. The unique design helps convey the theme of the hotel to guests before they even step foot inside.” Upon arrival, guests are greeted by Leonardo Da Vinci’s wisdom, “Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” These words are a constant reminder that art and science intertwine.

Each guest room features unique amenities and décor that channel the theme of science and art. On every night stand you will find A Curious Mind, a book written by Brian Gazer and Charles Fishman. Wechter says, “A Curious Mind is one of Greenberg’s favorite books, and one that he feels cultivates new ideas, innovation and creative discussion. It inspires him and he wanted to inspire others. It is a nice personal touch that we think guests enjoy.” With mood lighting, fun music amplifiers in the shape of a gramophone, and glass shower enclosures with curtains covered in poetry, the combination of science and art is key.

Cleo & Leo

Have any room service requests? That’s a job for the hotel’s Senior Transport Ninjas! Ask your room’s Amazon Alexa for linens, water, or even a toothbrush, and relay robots Cleo and Leo by Savioke will be on the way! Cleo or Leo will arrive at your door with your requested amenity and customized message. Give them a five-star rating and they will shimmy and dance with excitement! Wechter explains about her cute colleagues, “They are mapped to each guest room and travel on their own to each destination. Guests are always shocked and excited when they see one of them zoom past. Hotel EMC2 is unlike any other hotel!” EMC2 uses technology to take their service and guest experience to the next level. “The bottom line is that technology is fun, and it creates a sense of wonder among our guests. Where else would a robot deliver you a toothbrush?” By the way, Cleo and Leo LOVE when you take a selfie with them!

The Albert

The hotel’s signature restaurant, The Albert, “evokes a playful atmosphere with approachable, seasonal, global cuisines, sourced from local farms” explains Wechter. Book cases filled with over 12,000 books, scientific works and whimsical murals by local artist, Johnathan Plotkin line the walls from floor to ceiling. Resembling scientific equipment, the spirit ifusary for signature cocktails hangs above on the ceiling. Guests are integrated in the experience of The Albert kitchen as the watch their meals prepared through live streaming monitors.

Hotel EMC2 never stops experimenting! Wechter states, “We are always looking for new ways to integrate innovative technology into Hotel EMC2 and are always evolving. Keyless entry will be implemented soon and we are also discussing how Leo and Cleo can make guest appearances in our event spaces. As long as technology continues to move forward, Hotel EMC2 will stay at the forefront of technological innovation in hospitality.” With its sincere service and experiential technology, Hotel EMC2 inspires guests to learn new ideas, think creatively, and reach towards innovation.

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