28 Jun Spotted: The Foundry Collection at Hotel 1620 at Plymouth Harbor by Joyce Design Group

We spoke with Gina Joyce of Joyce Design Group about her design processes. Recently, she used the Foundry Collection by Stacy Garcia Commercial for Bernhardt Hospitality in the Hotel 1620 at Plymouth Harbor in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The collection was used in the largest lodging and event center in the area to fit the classic yet modern feel the hotel was aiming for.

Why did you choose The Foundry Collection by Stacy Garcia Commercial for Bernhardt Hospitality as the furniture for this project?
We chose the Foundry Collection because of the beautiful finish combinations & design style that fit our property in Plymouth, MA.

How did these Stacy Garcia products fit with your vision for the design for this property?
When searching for inspiration, our design is centered on a “Tailored Modern” look. We wanted a fresh updated classic New England feel with some iconic details of the past. We thought the Foundry Collection – with its “strapping” details on edges, Oak finish & Rose Gold metal was the PERFECT combination of mixing these ideas of old+new.

What drew you to the Foundry Collection?
We were instantly drawn to the Foundry Collection for this project because of the detailing of the pieces that fit so perfectly with our design story for Plymouth. Additionally, we know that Bernhardt makes quality products and the pricing was excellent.

Which colors and materials do you use the most?
Colors and materials are the gamut these days. It seems as though every corner turned is trying to make that “hashtaggable” detail buying for the attention of the guest to notice and point it out. As for colors, the mid-century palette has been lingering while the strong bold colors and patterns are starting to dominate. Reinventing traditional plaids, stylizing florals and color blocking have been popping up everywhere by twisting new color palettes together to make these classics appealing in the 21st century.

What trends are you seeing in commercial interior design?
The trends seem to continue with keeping the guests connected with USB or electrical provisions within the all casegoods. As a designer, we are noticing the boutique touch to casegoods, giving them noticeable wow factor by finishes, details and/or hardware choices.

How do you define your personal style?
My personal style is a refined simple sophistication; I enjoy classic lines and styles from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  From the music, the fashion and architecture, the formality of this time period is both creative and trendy.  The styles are clean, notable and repeated into the 21st century, I believe they were on to something.

Your design portfolio includes The Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa and the Hilton Convention Hotel. What did your creative process look like for these projects?  Would you say that your personal style can be found in the designs you create for your clients?
My personal style grows with each project, I have an insatiable appetite to learn and grow.  As a project unfolds, the research promotes a sense of discovery.  While we work as a team, the design palette for the project comes from working together, a true collaborative effort.

Tell us a little more about your background in design.
As a young gal, I loved to clean the house and my bedroom, all for the purpose of space planning the furniture different ways.  I grew to love color as I opened the door to fine arts as a junior in High School where my teacher expressed an appreciation of my drawing skills. I approached university to study fine arts because it was all I knew, until I got a job at a residential design firm in Southern California (I am a SoCal gal), I walked by as a designer was “drafting” and I was hooked! After drafting for a residential architect for 3 ½ years, I then chased my dream, as a 25 year old at the University of Cincinnati where the world of Interior Design changed my life!  A place to be both creative and technical – I live in the middle of the brain, on the fence both analytical and creative. I interned with Federated Department Stores, Hirsch Bedner’s Atlanta and London Offices and Wilson Associates.  I landed in Dallas, Tx with Wilson where I learned the art of project management for almost a decade.

Where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration comes in many forms; I love flowers, fashion, architecture and music.  Again, I straddle the right and left brain, so, as I am appreciating nature my analytical brain is wondering through my thoughts of colors, shapes and mood

What’s next?
It is literally an exciting time at our office; we are expanding both in office space and brought on a new designer.  We have partnered with Best Western, assisting their design team, to provide design services for their members doing renovations and new construction projects.  2017 is a year of growth and adventures as new opportunities continue to open themselves up to our team.

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