24 Oct “Living Nature” by Carlo Ratti Associati

Carlo Ratti Associati has designed a very unique and experiential concept right in the heart of Milan, Italy, “Living Nature”. The 500 square-meter, 5-meter high garden pavilion uses energy flow controls to allow spring, summer, autumn and winter to coexist under the same roof. The concept behind the exhibit is to explore the relationship between nature and the city, and the effects climate change has on us. This is a recurring theme we are seeing in several designs in the recent and felt this was a really neat piece to share!

The pavilion houses four natural, climatic environments which correspond to the four seasons. Each season presents a different theme – living room in spring, picnic in summer, office in autumn, and playroom in winter.Visitors walk through, from season to season, for a completely immersive experience.

“Living Nature” explores the idea of how we can bring nature back to cities while raising new questions related to sustainability as climate change becomes a bigger concern. Carlo Ratti’s concept is impactful because visitors are able to engage and interact as they walk through the pavilion from season to season, gaining an immersive experience.


“Living Nature” houses 23 species of tall trees that enjoy perfect lighting and temperature conditions in an optimal habitat. A 5-meter-high selective crystal membrane dynamically filters the sun based on input from light-reactive sensors. Above the pavilion, photovoltaic panels generate clean energy, providing the required energy to cool the winter area, or to heat the summer space.

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