29 Jan Play Design Hotel: Creatively Connected

Many times we spend nights at a hotel without feeling any sort of connection with the area’s culture. The rooms and public spaces lack design elements that encourage us to learn about the area’s local origins and it becomes just a place to spend the night. Luckily, Play Design Hotel in Taiwan is changing this by connecting international travelers with local designers through selected design works to explore the story of their indigenous culture. Here are some key ways they are achieving this:

Making a Deeper Connection

At Play Design Hotel, design is a personalized and genuine experience, not only an aesthetic. By transforming the hotel into an interface that connects design with the hotel, local designers can finally demonstrate and promote their artisan products. While the artists gain their deserved recognition, guests are able to take advantage of their stay to contact, learn and experience the local works. Both the designer and guest become connected with one another through the fusion of design and culture.

Exploring a Theme

Rooms of Play Design Hotel are transformed into “inhabitable design galleries” which incorporate artifacts divided into ten categories: desk, chair, guest chair, side table, coffee table, coat rack, stand lamp, pendant lamp, desk lamp and clock. With a choice of two different innovative rooms concepts, Theme Rooms and Guest Room Selections, the experience only gets better from here. Featuring a collection of designers’ works, Theme Rooms are a space for exploration. For example, in Local Fun Room, the guest can find postcards in correspondence with the design artifacts inside the room and leave their comments to the designers. This is as rewarding for the designer as it is captivating for the guest.

A Personalized Stay

Guest Room Selections, on the other hand, provide a personalized experience for guests. The space is furnished according to the specially curated items guests choose from the ten categories. They can make their own story while discovering the one-of-a-kind and quality design of Taiwan culture. Being able to choose, display and ultimately experience the room how they please makes this hotel entirely unique and filled with personality.

Play Design Hotel - Guest Selection Room

Play Design Hotel – Guest Selection Room

Evolving Hotel Experience

Meaningful design elements that pay respect to the local culture display the link between the hotel industry and design industry. More tourists are looking to travel to destinations where they can have intimate contact with local cultures. With interactive design and spaces that function as an interface, Play Design Hotel creates a new business model, new experience, and new possibilities.

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