15 Sep Report Back: CMG NeoCon Roving Report

We spoke to Color Marketing Group about color trends they spotted at the NeoCon show this past June and are obsessed with what they reported back! We definitely already see these three colors being used in many products from interiors to fashion! Read what Sandra Sampson had to say about these colors and why they’re thriving right now!

NeoCon Roving Report

The business of color includes sharing color knowledge. Color Marketing Group’s Roving Reporters provide invaluable color research and insight to future color trends. They know that having the right colors at the start of the product development process gives you a strategic advantage. It ensures that you offer the right products at the right time and that you meet consumer desires and expectations. With CMG’s collaborative color research reports your products will complement other market offerings and provide you with a leading confidence edge!

NeoCon is held in June at The Mart in Chicago and Color Marketing Group was there to research future color trends. NeoCon categories include furniture, fabrics, and interiors. Our member, Abby Cotter of Arden Companies, captured and shared these highlights, and more in the member-only full report, from the show.

 Eye-catching vibrant reds and oranges pair well with deep burgundies and navy.


Muted peach hues merchandised with earth toned neutrals created a fun and retro look.


Greyed greens ranging from dark sage to pistachio were the most prominently used colors at the show. They are seen as a soft accent colors to neutrals or done in a more contemporary way in bold geometric patterns.

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