24 Feb Trend Story: Uninhibited Pastels

As the sun peaks over the horizon a new day begins. A collection of colors melting together within the sky captures the essence of Uninhibited Pastels, a crisp color story showing that color is back and here to stay! This unreserved, edgy palette combines the bold, grounding colors of winter with the blossoming hues of spring. At first blush, Uninhibited Pastels appears innocent and sweet, enchanting with its soft sophistication, while all the same, having a level of bite. These pastel hues are perfectly anchored with deeper shades of merlot, plum, and slate grey.

Materials/Patterns: Flocked Wallpaper, Porcelain Tile, Marble, Felt, Large Knit Wool, Florals, Whimsical Pattern, Plush Materials, Watercolor, Velvets.

Color Notations

Experimenting with different color combinations, we have created three palettes that present their own captivating stories.

 A pop of green makes this palette stand out from the rest. This vibrant color is accompanied by a deep shade of slate grey and a playful hint of plum.
pallete 1

We are blushing over this palette! Soft, calming pinks are coupled with refined greys for the perfect romance.
palette 2

Last but certainly not least, this palette finds balance in a palette that shares both loud and peaceful colors.
palette 3

Love this palette as much as we do? The Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team has put together a shopping guide influenced by these brilliant colors!

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