09 Nov Retrospective Trend Series: Aura & Techni-chrome

We are proud to introduce Retrospective, an axminster carpet collection debuting at this year’s Boutique Design New York. Tracing the prolific eight year partnership of Stacy Garcia and Brintons, Retrospective revives sixteen signature patterns in today’s palette. In honor of this digital exhibit, learn more about the trends that inspiring this collection.

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Inspired by trends in wellness and crystal healing

Materials & Patterns:
Crystals and geodes, calming elements, tile, stone, marble, sheer fabrics, tinted acrylic, velvet

Color Palette: 
Jewel tones, Metallics, shades of blue and purples anchored with black, whites, and cool greys


Left: Techni-Chrome Trend; Right: Retrospective Collection Pattern #5/N3011SG

Left: Techni-Chrome Trend; Right: Retrospective Collection Pattern #5/N3011SG

Inspired by new technologies in 3D Printing & laser cutting

Materials & Patterns:
Architectural Lines, Complex mathematical structures, Exoskeleton-like forms, Wire structures, Stripes and scribbles

Color Palette:
Cool and warm charcoals, Blue gray and off-white, Muted browns, Pops of metallic




Click Here to View the Entire Collection


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