27 Nov Trend Alert: Botanical Infusion

Life-Styled Wellness Trend Report

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As the wellness trend continues on, we are looking for ways to detox from our surroundings, and what better way to do that than with Botanical Infusion! Interiors are officially blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor environments with spaces doused in lush greenery. Whether it’s living walls, cascading vines from the ceiling or plants galore, these greenery literally cleanses the air we breathe, leaving us refreshed and revitalized. Beyond plant life, we’re seeing pattern and form inspired by leaf-inspired silhouettes, floral motifs and more!

Materials & Patterns

Botanical prints, leaf shaped objects and floral motifs. Gold, silver and brass finishes give pieces an elevated look while still having an organic appeal.

Color Palette

Every shade of green! From mossy greens to the bright tropical greens, this palette is inspired by all types of greenery. Pops of brown and tan reinforce the natural aesthetic.

Greenery infused spaces allow us to have a close connection with nature, creating a soothing and also stimulating atmosphere. Mindfully hang and place plants around your space, add a succulent wall and use botanical-inspired decor to fully immerse yourself in Botanical Infusion. Pair these elements with warm, earthy hues to accentuate the idea of nature.

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