08 Nov Trend Alert: Crystal Healing

As the Wellness macro trend continues to gain momentum in markets across the board, we are becoming more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies and how we’re taking care of ourselves. In search of a refreshing way to reduce stress and anxiety, Crystal Healing celebrates holistic healing practices such as meditation and aromatherapy as an alternative to medicinal treatments. With methods like crystal healing, natural elements are being used to sooth the body and soul. We are now seeing this trend influence the interior design industry through the addition of crystal inspired pieces and other organic components to create a feeling of relaxation and connection with oneself.

Materials & Patterns

Crystals and geodes, calming elements, tile, stone, marble, sheer fabrics, tinted acrylic, luminescent surfaces and crushed velvet.

Color Palette

A soft and serene color palette from lavender to a grounding eggplant to ocean blues and teals. Grounding amber, soft blue and sunset-inspired hues.

Crystals not only cleanse the energy of our environment, adding a feeling of clarity, but they showcase such beautiful color and texture urging us even more to incorporate these natural forms into our home. Complement beautiful rock crystal forms and powerful healing stones with plush seating, soft rugs and calm lighting to accentuate the idea of creating a space meant for relaxing, unwinding and connecting with your inner self.

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