01 Nov Trend Alert: Edited Oasis

Centered around the idea of restraint, Edited Oasis is driven by the need to escape overstimulation. We’ve seen this trend evolve in the recent years as interiors and products are slowly being stripped away of excessive detail and distracting color. In spaces composed of clutter-free, minimal design and a soothing color palette, we are able to relax.

Materials & Patterns:

Marble, tile and stone in sleek finishes, acrylic, lucite, matte black metal finish, solids and minimal patterns, such as stripes and simple geometrics

Color Palette:

Dusty neutrals, monochromatic blacks and whites, charcoal, and slate blue

With Edited Oasis, an understated silhouette is matched with exceptional materials providing subtle hints of luxury without being flashy. Fer Studios’ design for Split Lighthouse expresses this through a monochromatic color scheme and high end finishes to create an upscale, yet calming atmosphere. The space is clean and shows off sleek, modern details in every element. This is an environment that we can really feel at peace with.

Love this trend as much as we do?
Get the look with the products below:

Stay tuned next week for another micro trend under Wellness!

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