12 Dec Trend Story: Aura

Finding balance in a hectic world has become a priority in our lives. From searches for crystal healing up 2000% on Pinterest in 2016, to the rise of holistic healing practices like meditation and alternative medicine like reiki, we are finding refreshing ways to center our thoughts and find harmony within our bodies and souls. With this reflective way of life comes a divergent way of thought. Aura translates the essential wellness we search for internally, outwards to the world we create around us. With color inspiration derived from the naturally formed clusters of crystals and the swirling layers of colors inside geodes, Aura’s palette cleanses the energy of our environment and adds a feeling of clarity.


Crystals and geodes, calming elements, tile, stone, marble, sheer fabrics, tinted acrylic, and velvet.

Aura Trend Color Palette - Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia

Experiment with the color combinations below to capture the Aura look!

Through this soft and serene color palette, we find harmony and peace.

This palette creates tranquility, featuring a soothing transition from lavender to a grounding eggplant to ocean blues and teals.

Use this palette to escape with a grounding amber, soft blue and sunset-inspired hues.

Love this palette as much as we do? The Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia team has put together a shopping guide influenced by the cleansing energy of Aura!

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