15 Oct Color Crush: Harvest

A warm yellow with an unexpected vibrancy, Harvest is our go-to shade this month. Now that it’s Fall and bold, autumn tones are in, Harvest is gaining momentum. This vivid hue is extremely versatile as it can be used in highly sophisticated or fun, playful settings. Either way, we’re excited to show you some refreshing ways to incorporate it into your space!


When we see that expressive golden yellow, we are almost immediately brought back to the 1970’s, but we aren’t talking wood paneling and shaggy carpet. Use Harvest in a refined wallpaper paired perfectly with simple bedding and decor. To really get that 70’s vibe, use retro-inspired materials and geometric patterns. Add contrasting colors to really make Harvest pop and create a sense of funkiness in the space.



Harvest is meant to make a bold statement in a space. Paint Harvest on the walls to give the space a bold sense of personality, after all, this is one of the hottest colors now. Being surrounded by this rich color will add fresh and vibrant touch to your atmosphere.



Okay, so you don’t want to go all in with Harvest – no problem! Harvest is the perfect accent color to use in simple decor such as velvet pillows and plush throw blankets. Layer these elements to create a sense of luxurious coziness in a bedroom or living space.

Love Harvest as Much as We Do?

Use Pantone 14-0952 TPG or Pratt & Lambert’s #12-12 Rattan and the Stacy Garcia Commercial products below.


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