12 Sep HaiDiLao is the HotPot Spot!

As you may know, at Stacy Garcia we are a huge fan of bold color and pattern! Not only does it make a space more fun and interesting, but it introduces personality where you are able to express yourself through telling a story. Full-service interior design firm, Beleco, uses this technique in their design for HaiDiLao HotPot restaurant in Irvine, California to transform the commercial space into a beautiful yet functional environment. The Sichuan style hot pot restaurant incorporates eye-catching pattern and color to create interest in a laid-back setting which speaks to its culture.

The bold blues and reds make the space feel playful, encouraging the casual experience of a typical hot pot style meal. This type of cuisine speaks strongly to the Chinese culture which we see reinforced throughout the elaborate patterns on the columns and walls. The neutral table settings create a modern look against these more traditional patterns and colors offering a unique experience for customers.

The Beleco design team discusses their design approach for the hot pot style restaurant, “HaiDiLao Restaurant was an inspiring challenge for us. Because of its location in a busy outdoor mall, we had to make the restaurant stand out to attract shoppers. We were also working with a rigid grid layout, exposed ductwork and columns inside – so we made some bold choices.”

“Instead of trying to hide the columns, we made them – and the walls – a focal point with Chinese-inspired pattern play. This helped soften the grid and brighten the atmosphere. We also placed odes to China throughout, from colors of Chinese pottery to custom birdcage lamps – all balanced by neutral finishes.”


About Beleco

We are an award-winning, full-service interior design firm dedicated to transforming notable properties around the globe into beautiful yet functional environments. Need branding, a logo or a sparkling new website, too? We have you covered. At Beleco, we live to tell stories. We love to be of service. And we always put good design first.

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