17 Jul Hotels to Homes

Everyone loves the experience of a 5 star resort, yet our daily responsibilities frequently hold us back from embarking on a trip to escape reality. So why not bring this experience of hospitality home? We shared some tips for how you can incorporate a similar luxurious atmosphere in your home to make you feel like you are always on vacation.

First Impressions are Everything

A well-designed entryway will be full of natural light accented by a palette of bright colors, bold pattern and fun accessories. Just like in the hospitality industry, we want our guests to feel energized and excited to visit when entering our home. If you’re not feeling bold enough to incorporate a pattern such as this one in your foyer, try it on a powder room ceiling or smaller feature wall. We love this look!


Layer, Layer, Layer!

When designing a luxurious hotel suite, our design mantra is “layer, layer, layer”! This technique can be brought into the home to produce a cozy and livable atmosphere in a bedroom or guestroom. A well-designed room with a clean, hotel-inspired aesthetic is an easy way to create a luxurious experience for your family and guests!

Guest Rom featuring Stacy Garcia Foundry Collection for Bernhardt Hospitality

Stacy Garcia Commercial for Bernhardt Hospitality featuring the The Foundry Collection


Approachable Pattern

For those who may want a softer, more approachable aesthetic, use inspiration from this guestroom, designed by Fusion A.I. Design, for your home. Combining a large-scale, patterned wallpaper with a monochromatic color scheme provides a perfectly balanced space.


Do I know You?

When we design, whether for hospitality or the home, we play to the senses. With an environment designed with a sort of nostalgia, such as Charlotte’s Speakeasy, it’s important that the pattern selected was authentic to the time period of the 1920s. Bold patterns and strong color schemes can transform a space in your home taking you to another time and place. Click here to view more information on the Stacy Garcia | New York Wallcovering used in this space.

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