30 Nov Trend Alert: Organic Inspiration

Wellness Trend: Organic Inspiration

Shapes and materials that mimic nature are said to have a powerful & positive impact on our wellbeing, so why not incorporate them in our spaces? Taking influence from these curved and uneven forms, this trend brings natural elements to interiors in a subtle, yet elegant way. With designs that are meant to be perceived by touch, Organic Inspiration is all material and texture!

Materials & Patterns

An abundance of wooden surfaces, patina and rusting metals, rotting and knotted roots and overgrowth of vines and fungi.

Color Palette

An emphasis on muted neutrals, shades of complex grey, warm beige and a pop of flourishing green with rusty browns and muted blues.

Bring natural elements into a space in their raw form, celebrating their original markings, veining, knots and color variation. This creates an organic aesthetic reducing stress and anxiety as we disconnect from obtrusive design and reconnect with nature. The 1Hotel is a perfect example of Organic Inspiration where we are able to relax, unwind and find comfort.

With Organic Inspiration we are seeing interiors mix natural elements with crisp glass, rich leather and distressed iron and steel. This helps to give the space a more upscale appeal while keeping that organic design concept in efforts to create a calming environment. At the Zuma New York restaurant, guests not only get to indulge in their meals, but also in the warm and inviting atmosphere inspired by the four elements of earth, fire, water and air.

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