18 Jun Inspired by Color with Jewelry Designer, Joan Goodman

The Color Issue of Life-Styled by Stacy Garcia is out, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped looking for color that inspires!  Joan Goodman began her career in her family’s button factory and has since partnered with her sister to create PONO, a New York City based jewelry line. The color palette within each piece holds an emotional connection, and when creating a piece she works tirelessly to capture that specific hue. We spoke with jewelry designer, Joan Goodman, to see how color inspires her work.

What’s your latest color obsession? Why?
“My color obsession carrying into fall/winter 2018 is PLUM. When I incorporated it into the collection, I did not start with a particular Pantone color or paint chip. I worked with the dyer at the factory to test and test again; adding greys and browns until it was exactly how I envisioned the color to be. It is more cold than warm but has a softness to it- as the material I used with it is a frosted transparent. It is so smooth and rich and beautiful…also very neutral. I love when color has clarity and is neutral at the same time!”

As a jewelry designer, what sparked your interest in color?
“I think I was born with this extra strong color connection. I have always seen colors no one else can, and am able to identify even the slightest difference in 2 colors that are seemingly exact. They say I probably have an extra color gene(tetrachromacy). I have always loved color;-mostly those inspired by Mother Nature. When I lived in Hawaii in the 70’s I remember saying all the time things like “I have never seen this color green before…I have never seen this color blue before.” Every color of earth sea sky sunset was mind blowing.”

Tell us about the role of color in your design philosophy.
“Color is everything! It is so emotional!….It is part of how we experience and process life! Before I design a piece, I already have a vision of what the color I am working with should be. When I actually achieve the color I intended -it is totally emotional! Our jewelry is all about the perfect combination of material and color, so it plays a huge role in the design process. The goal is always to reach a higher level of sophistication and beauty; creating a new and exceptional experience for the wearer.”


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